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Good Morning welcome to my new poker site that i have created to write and get other people's reviews on what they thihk of poker online. I do play poker online and i haev many friends who do to.

I will post reviews on other players and have them put the ideas and thought on what they think about poker online.

I hope that you will like what i have done and that if you have any queries or questiosn please leave me message.

My email address is Dobbie24@hotmail.co.uk

If you sign up with full tilt from the links provided please put this code in as a referral: GLOBE21

I hope that you have a great time. I am still adding some more news and bonus's etc.




If you sign up now and use my referral code; Globe21, I have created a private tornement for all you that sign up. I haev the dates and tornement info here. The Password is Globe.

i am hosting a new tornement too see what the turn out will be. Here are the details to register and the password to get in id Globe,Tournament #64691936 (22/10/08 12:00 ET / 17:00 GMT) South African Cup

Hope you have fun

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